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Hello! This is a blog for the Social Media class.

I plan to use it to post about and explain a few of the conspiracies, mysteries and disappearances that interest me.




Moon a Hologram?

This is related to a post I made last month about the moon lading being fake. Maybe the moon doesn’t even exist. I have read a couple of books in the past which have mathematical calculations done on the moon. The books also say that there is a one in a billion chance of the moon being present at the exact location as it is now to stop the earth from drowning itself in water. What are the chances?

The moon originated about 4.5 billion years ago due to a collision between earth and an object the size of mars. A youtube user called Crow777 started the whole ‘Moon being a Hologram’ by posting videos of what he calls to be proof of it. One of his videos are linked here. He filmed something that looked like ripples passing across the surface. He claims that they are power glitches in an artificial electrical system. He is also not the only one who believes in it.

The books I read were written by David Icke who strongly believes in ancient aliens and he is a prominent conspiracy theorist. Another youtuber claims to have discovered and filmed an unlisted satellite, and he believes that such unlisted satellites make up an international network of projection points, from which the hologram is transmitted.

One of the main drawbacks of claiming that the moon is a hologram is that the data and information we received about the moon predates any development made towards holography.

Could this actually be true? Can the moon possibly be something that we have not been taught about? Let me know what you think about this theory in the comments. Thank you for reading.

Is the Earth Flat?

I have been wanting to write about this conspiracy theory for a very long time about the Earth being flat. It was such a bizarre theory, but I just may have been convinced a little bit (5%) into believing the Earth could be flat.

In 1881 an English inventor published a book about the Earth not being a globe, which led to the formation of ‘The Flat Earth Society’ and this group exists even today trying to prove themselves. The society believes that the earth being a globe is the conspiracy and their vice president believes that ‘through logical deduction and empirical data, we maintain that the earth is flat.’

The leading flat earth theory suggests the earth is a disc with the Arctic Circle in  the middle. The Antarctica is a one hundred and fifty feet wall of ice surrounding the rim of the planet, which prevents the ocean from spilling over the edge. The earth’s day and night cycle is explained as the Sun and Moon moving in circles above the plane of the earth. Like spotlights, these spheres illuminate different portions of the planet in a 24 hour cycle. The earth’s gravity is also considered to be an illusion. Objects don’t accelerate downwards, rather the earth accelerates upwards driven by dark energy. They also believe that GPS devices are rigged to make pilots think that they are flying in a straight line when they’re actually flying in circles. Many people felt that the flat earth theory would be squashed when ‘Man Landed on the Moon.’ But like most Americans, they believe it was a hoax.

In ancient times the most practical way to tell that the earth was a globe was through a lunar eclipse, when the shadow cast by the earth is a sphere. Another argument for the round earth is the way ships appear on the horizon, you see the tip of the hull before you see the whole ship. Whereas, on a flat earth you would just look like a small dot which gets bigger the closer it gets.

I always thought that this theory was too crazy to be believable, but when it was proposed that the earth was a globe, many people refused to believe it. So anything could be possible, even the fact that the earth is flat.

Let me know what you think about this theory. If you believe it or not. Thank you for reading.

Was the Moon Landing faked?

This is where my obsession for conspiracies began, it is the biggest one so far. NASA did a very bad job of recording the epic moon landing in 1969. Maybe the whole conspiracy stems from the fact that none of the current youth was alive back in the day, or probably because it was a live telecast. There are a lot of unexplained objects that people realised were present in this recording.

One of the objects was a mysterious object floating in the air that no one knows about. According to conspiracy theorists, it looks like a light floating called a Fresnel light which is commonly used in TV studios.

Image result for moon landing

Another picture shows the astronauts being clearly visible even under great big shadows since there is only one source of light on the moon, the sun. Another object was found which looked like a prop with a letter ‘C’ on it. This was a picture of a tweet I found online made by Buzz Aldrin,

Image result for moon landing

The shadows of the rover and the astronauts was also in the wrong direction,

Image result for moon landing

And of course the best one so far has been the USA flag floating in the air when the moon is not supposed to have any air.

Image result for moon landing

Let me know if any of you believe in the moon landing. I personally do not. Thank you for reading.

Disappearance of Asha Degree

Asha Degree disappeared when she was 9 years old. She ran away from her house because of some fights and some where from the minute she ran away till she was reported missing something happened. It has never been solved and she was never found again, dead or alive.

A backstory on her case and details about it are here. But I will write a brief overview about this case if anyone does not have time to watch that video.

The day she disappeared, her town actually had a really big rainstorm and it had knocked out the power. Her father worked nights and it was very common for him to be working late till 11.30. Her mother put the kids to bed at around 8pm. Asha and her brother actually shared one bedroom. Her father said that he came home around 12.30 and checked on both the kids and said they were both asleep. The power at their house was back on by that time and since he had a very odd schedule for work, he usually stayed up and watched TV.

The weird part about her case is that she had a prepacked bag pack and somewhere after the time her father checked on her the first time, she got up and left the house with her packed bag. So the next morning, her mother says she woke up around 5.45 to make the kids get up and take their baths. When she went into their room, she only found her son and her daughter was nowhere to be found. She tried calling her friends and family to see if maybe she had wandered over to their house, but she wasn’t there. That’s when she called the police. The police couldn’t locate her that day so they aired an interview on TV and two drivers responded to that saying that they had seen a little girl walking on the highway at around 4am that morning in the pouring rain. Multiple people after said that they saw a 9 year old girl walking alone and not one of these people called the authorities about it. One person actually drove around a couple of times and when he went to check on her she ran off into the woods.

One of the theories about why she could have run away was because she was part of the school basketball team, and just the day before, they had lost a game. A couple days later, the police confirmed that a hair bow, a pencil and a book were found in a shed in the same direction that Asha was seen walking toward. That made them believe that she ran off the highway when confronted and found a warm shed to sleep in. The lead went cold from that shed and the police had no leads after that. Even the dogs couldn’t catch her scent in the air.

About a year later, they found her book bag at a construction site a long way from home. Her bag was found wrapped in two trash bags and police also found her clothes and pictures of her family in it, which again led them back to the fact that she ran away from home. The police came up with nothing, but her case is still open and they are still working on it daily.

Maybe she did run away and lost her way along the highway and then came in contact with the wrong person. I really do hope that the police find something about her or about what happened to her just so her parents and brother can have an answer.

Let me know what you think, was she kidnapped or is she still alive living her life somewhere else? Thanks for reading.

Is Earth a Simulation?

This is a big conspiracy theory because so many people believe it to be true. It was made really big after Elon Musk made a statement saying ‘There is one chance in a billion that our reality is not a simulation.’

A youtube video explains in detail how we could possibly be a simulation using games. Just like the SIMS or second life, we may never know if we’re characters being played by other people in the future or just a simulation in an alien’s cupboard. There are countless theories about this that are believable and the fact that we may not even exist is the scariest.

I don’t really know if I believe in this theory. I’m on a 60-40% based belief that we are not a simulation and everything we experience is real. Although, scientists have found that there is a 20% chance that we are a simulated reality.

There’s three options in the future according to Elon Musk,

  1. Humans go extinct after making tremendous amounts of progress and just reach a ceiling where there’s nothing left to do.
  2. Humans don’t create a simulated world because of ethical reasons (humans are very considerate of ethical issues as we have seen and experienced.)
  3. We are a simulated reality and we are the ancestors of some one in the future who decided to create his own world.

I don’t know if it would be easier to accept us being a simulation. Most people prefer the simulation theory because then they know they don’t have the power to control anything, but maybe for now we assume that we do control our lives and move forward till someone gives us the ultimate proof that we are a simulation in a computer.

Let me know what your thoughts are about this theory and if you believe in it or not. Thank you for reading.